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Stockholm Underground

June 10, 2018  •  1 Comment

The underground in Stockholm. Perhaps not the first location that springs to mind when visiting this city but for me this was the sole purpose of my trip there back in Feb of this year. Let's face it, I have a thing about undergrounds and the one in Stockholm is special but a different kind of special to those found in Munich and London. Whilst they tend to focus more towards modern architecture Stockholm's underground is largely built into rock and the stations have been transformed into one of the biggest art works in the world where approximately 90 out of the 100 underground stations include striking murals, brightly coloured paint, engravings, mosaics and in some sculptures. And the best bit if you are a photographer is that it is quiet, much quieter than London or Munich. 


When I visited Stockholm the temperature was about -17º but the added bonus of being underground is that it was much warmer, so much so that you could even take your coat off it was that warm! Anyway enough of the rambling below I've listed the stations I've visited.



Located on the blue line between T-Centralen and Fridhemsplan this is probably one of the most iconic underground stations, almost cinematic in its appearance.

Radhuset Underground Station Stockholm  

Exif: TS-E 24mm; F/11; Iso 100, 1.6 seconds


Vreten/ Solna Strand

Again this station is located on the blue line, only 5 stops up from Radhuset.

Vreten, station, underground, subway, Stockholm, Sweden, Europe, transport, travel, cube, city, urban, architecture, interior, Canon, photography, blue, grey, rock, clouds TS-E24mm; F/11; Iso 100; 3.2 seconds


Vastra Skogen

Located on the blue line (hope you're spotting the theme now!) is this amazing station, located between Solna Centrum/ Vreten and Radhuset, which some refer to as resembling the gates of hell.

Welcome to Hell TS-E 17mm; F/11; Iso 100; 1.3 second exposure

And whilst the stations were easy to shoot with no people in shot there are still opportunities to get shots with people in them.

Waiting EF24-70 F2.8L II; 24mm, F6.3; Iso 1600; 1/30 second



This wasn't one of my top stations to visit when I was heading out there but I just love the way the shot turned out. It was the only station that I thought would work well in B&W. Again located on that blue line, but here the green line intersects with it meaning you can get a different look by just exploring the station.

Up or Not

EF24-70 F2.8L II; 24mm; F7.1; Iso 1600; 1/60 seconds 


TS-E17mm; F/11; Iso 100; 3.2 seconds



This station is located on the red line but is only about 3 stops away from T-Centralen which serves all 3 lines.

Passing Through TS-E17mm; F/11; Iso 100; 4 seconds


Located on the red line one stop up from Tekniska, is another station with unique art work.


TS-E17mm; F/11; Iso 100; 4 seconds



Looking like it could be the lair of the Joker's from Batman, this station is located at the end of blue line, one stop along from T-Centralen and features relics from buildings pulled down during the 1950's and 60's. Oddly the station even includes plant life!


EF24-70 F2.8L II; 24mm; F/16; Iso100; 8 seconds

Kungsträdgården TS-E17mm; F/11; Iso 100; 6 seconds



Another station located on the blue line is Duvbo which is only a couple of stops up from Vreten/ Solna Strand.

Duvbo Underground Station, Stockholm

TS-E24mm; F/11; Iso 100; 2 seconds.



Located on that blue line between Vreten/ Solna Strand and Vastra Skogen.

Huvudsta Metro Station

TS-E24mm; F/11; Iso 100; 3.2 seconds



I've left this one to last for a reason. Whilst it is a very photogenic station I also found this to be the busiest (admittedly I was shooting only during the day) as all lines pass through this station. On the plus side there are some nice places to eat and grab a coffee here too and all my trips out started here.


T-Centalen Station TS-E17mm; F/16; Iso 100; 6 seconds


And that's it hope you enjoyed it and as you can see if there are 90 stations with art work, I haven't got round them all which leaves the opportunity to return...



Getting there: SAS (getting back was more difficult thanks to the weather, the airport was't the comfiest of places to sleep)

Stayed in the Radisson Blu Waterfront hotel, close to T-Centralen.

Getting around: purchased a 72 hour ticket which meant could use it on the way back to the airport.

Any questions? Just message me and I'll do my best to answer them as quickly as possible




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